Discussion List Guidelines + Announcements vs Discussions

18 Jan

The feedback was clear – lady geeks of Philadelphia want a safe place where they can share ideas, get opinions, ask for assistance, seek out a ride for an event, or find a buddy to hit up the Harry Potter Marathon.

The discussion list will be private (members will need to be approved before they can join/post and it will not be viewable to the public) and will start off with minimal guidelines. We’ll see how it goes and modify as needed. There are a few basic considerations:

  • Don’t spam the group.
  • You are a human. Talk to us like we’re humans.
  • Be considerate with forwards. If it’s relevant, sure, with a note about how it may be of interest to members of the list. If it’s a chain message, how about no.
  • Job postings are OK for now. Put JOB at the start of the subject line. We’ll see how it goes. (Recruiters: please see first two bullets.)
  • There are a LOT of events that go on in Philadelphia! To avoid cluttering up inboxes with event announcements, please do not post them Discussion List as a pitch. General event announcements should go out via the weekly Announcement List
    • However, if you are looking for a ride or something along those lines, or found something you really want to share (versus promote), that is more than welcome.
    • If you have or know of an event you’d like to have added to the Announcement List, email details to info[at]ggdphl.com.

That said, we must note is that the Discussion List will only be as useful and as awesome as the community who is a part of it. Help us grow and foster the awesomeness that is being a lady geek in Philly. (Tell a friend and help us get the list ramped up!)

What’s the difference between the Announcement List and the Discussion List?
We’re glad you asked! The Discussion list will be a bit more “noisy” – posts on organizing social events, discussions on issues in the industry, etc. It’s also a safe place for these discussions to happen. The Announcement list is a one-way transaction – we send it out weekly (ish) to help lady geeks know about what’s going on in town. The Discussion list is for … yes, discussions, conversations, and sharing.

How do I sign up for the Announcement List? Discussion List?
Go to https://groups.google.com/group/ggd-phl-announce to sign up for the weekly(ish) Announcement list.
Go to https://groups.google.com/group/ggd-phl-discuss to sign up for the Discussion list

If you do not have a GMail/Google account, shoot us an email at info[at]ggdphl.com.

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