GGD PHL Discount to Startup Weekend Delaware

29 Jun

Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia is excited to provide a discount to ladies interested in attending Startup Weekend Delaware. This could be a great opportunity for ladies to work on that idea they’ve been considering, provide your skills to help someone see their idea come to fruition, or to meet/network with other like-minded individuals. Details and discount code below.

Startup Weekend Delaware is looking for talented designers to participate a truly unique experience. Startup Weekend is an intense event, where teams build a web or mobile application over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skill sets – primarily software developers, graphic designers and business people – to build applications, develop a commercial case around them, and have a working version by Sunday night.

Here’s how the weekend is structured:  On Friday night, we’ll put over 100 smart designers, developers, UX/UI people, game designers, and business people in a room.  Anyone can pitch an idea for a product, and they have 60 seconds to do so.  The ideas are usually web or mobile apps, but they can be anything with a digital component.  The group then votes on the best ideas (everyone has three votes), and teams start to form.  If your idea is selected, you form the team needed to execute a minimally viable product by Sunday night.  Or you can choose to join a team that you’d like to work – you may be attracted to the dynamic of the team or the product itself.  The teams then spend the next two days building their application.  On Sunday evening, teams demo – not simply present – their working applications to the audience.  Prizes are awarded, and good fun is had by all.

Here’s why you should consider coming:

  • Startup Weekend can connect you with other action-oriented, smart people.  It’s a great place to meet talented new friends.  Startup Weekend refers to itself an “online dating place for founders.” Who know who you’ll meet?
  • Startup Weekend is where you can build something that you’ve been thinking about for a while, but haven’t taken any action on.  By the end of the weekend you could have working version up and running!
  • Startup Weekend is where you can work on an interesting project – your own or someone else’s – and do something that is completely different from what you do with your regular career.  You might find something you love.
  • Startup Weekend gives you the chance to work with people who have different skill sets, and you’ll see how working stuff gets built quickly.  This is like packing a college course into a weekend.
  • Startup Weekend gives you access to experienced and talented mentors, speakers, and judges throughout the weekend.  We’re bringing in over a dozen people from different backgrounds, from successful entrepreneurs to angel investors to venture capitalists, to give our attendees feedback and advice.
  • Startup Weekend provides a fun weekend in a beautiful venue and all the meals over the course of the weekend.  We really want great designers out to the event, and we’re offering a $20 discount on top of the early bird registration fee ($74).  We want to put the smartest people in a room and see what happens – and we’d like you to be there!

For more information, visit  Startup Weekend is a non-profit event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email delaware[at]startupweekend[dot]org.

As a Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia member, you can receive $20 off your registration by using discount code GGDPhilly.

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